BBNA have worked with Youth Offending Team (YOT), to help young people reintegrate into society soon after release. As a training and recruitment agency, we are dedicated to referring young learners, from all walks of life, a prospect to work with ethical and empathetical employers.

We are currently working on courses that we can deliver in prisons in London and the surrounding areas. This means ex-offenders would have gained vast experience with live models prior to being released. Participants shall undergo a 12 to 24-week traineeship course in hair (barbering, wet shave, colouring, fading, etc). Once released BBNA shall facilitate the work experience of the newly released prisoners. Work experience in a real salon setting, shall give ex-offenders the opportunity to observe the works of professional barbers and hair stylist; from their observations we expect ex-offenders to replicate the customer service level they would have espouse by working the professionals.