One of our key service points is our ability to work successfully with youths that are faced with difficult challenges, such as educational barriers, mental health concerns and social disengagement. BBNA, has previously assisted training providers to recruit and facilitate traineeships, apprenticeships and employment.

Many young people aspire to work in a career vastly sort after by their peers; whether it be as a Music Artist, DJ, Producer, Footballer or perhaps becoming proprietor of an organisation.  At BBNA we believe that such career goals are commendable, and desires should never be diluted due to a lack of opportunity. However, being dedicated, ambitious or skilled may not underline the reasons as to why a young person may or may not fall short of their grand plan;

For secondary school pupils, BBNA offers its facilities to be used as an external after school club; with the issues surrounding post code wars, and groups as young as 11 years of age being groomed into gang violence and illegal activities. We believe having young people work together from an age of gang influence, it is possible to break down the barriers caused by gang culture.